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We are the manufacturer of the PermaTech® line of head gasket sealers and the only wholesale supplier of these high-quality automotive head gasket and stop leak products. We have been serving car dealerships, body shops, garages and automotive parts stores since 2001. ABX Corporation offers this line of products at deep wholesale discounts which allow you the reseller to see profits of up to 200% per unit. This profit range is one of the highest in the industry. Please take a tour of our site, if you have questions simply give us a call...

The PermaTech® line of head gasket sealers are completely different than all other head gasket sealers on the market. All other brands are 100% sodium silicate or utilize sodium silicate as their main ingredient. That's why they must be flushed out of the vehicles cooling system after their use.

® sealers do not use sodium silicate as a main ingredient. Instead, PermaTech® sealers use other chemicals as proprietary binders to the silicate which allow our PermaTech® sealers to remain flexible once cured. This is very important as most vehicles have aluminum cylinders heads now days and aluminum expands and contracts at a greater rate than steel.

So, what does all this mean to your customers..?
1.) Permatech Head Gasket Sealers only take about 45 minutes to cure!
2.) Our Head Gasket Sealers stay flexible onced cured!
3.) This Head Gasket Sealer repair can last up to 6 years!

Minimum orders as small as one case of 5 units! Available for shipment to almost anywhere on earth!

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Minumum orders can be as small as five units of any combination of products...

PermaTech Sealers
Chemistry Makes a Difference..!

We ship our products to just about every corner of the globe, including United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Eastern Europe and more. Call us for shipping quotes...

To qualify for wholesale prices you must have an established autoparts store, automotive or marine repair shop, or retail location. Business license and Tax I.D. number must be faxed to us before your application is approved. Orders can be as small as 5 individual units or as large as a full pallet...
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Wholesale supplier of Dura-Seal & PermaTech Head Gasket Repair Sealers and other automotive sealers and engine additives...
PermaTech®  offers you a lot more than just head gasket sealers! We also manufacturer Hi-Strength Oil Stop Leaks, Transmission Sealers, Fuel Injector Cleaners, Coolant Flush Agents, Coolant Additives (which lower engine temperatures), Engine Block sealers, Radiator Stop-Leaks, and more.

Our broad range of products means you can offer your customers the products they need to keep their engines running correctly. Our products work! so, you will have repeat customers and high-quality referrals...

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